Kazar has become a global symbol of fashion and trends, a synonym of sensuality, originality and prestige. Kazar collections complement the modern, active lifestyle of today’s men and women, to create a strong and unique fashion statement. They combine avant-garde, good style and an unwavering commitment to quality, featuring modern designs with precise finishing in every detail.
Awards & Prizes
In recognition of our achievements, we have received many prestigious awards granted by renowned institutions.

The PRCH Retail Awards distinguished the best shopping centres and retail chains operating on the market in 2014-15 period, including Kazar!

Superbrands title is awarded to brands which, thanks to their consistent image and unique products, achieve market success.

 The title of Star Service Quality 2014 as the most friendly company in the opinion of consumers.

Prize in the international competition Central And Eastern Europe Retail Real Estate Awards.

The prestigious award given to companies with the greatest potential for development and the fastest expanding value

The title is awarded by the Business Pulse. Kazar Footwear has received the award nine times (2005, 2007-2014).

Kazar – the leader of service quality. We found ourselves in the elite group of the TOP 100 friendliest companies in Poland.

The title Dependable Employer of the Year 2014 crowning our success in the pursuit to be a reliable, dependable and friendly employer.

Social Responsibility
Success means a lot more if it can be shared! There are many people and organisations that work with passion and belief in the noble goals they pursue. We wish to support such initiatives.

We promote awareness and take care of children’s rights by supporting the activities of Unicef.

We help to make dreams come true by joining the noble Christmas Package project.

Helping children’s dreams come true -  a joint charity event in cooperation with the Bajkowa Fabryka Nadziei Foundation.

We are helping to save lives and support the healing process by sponsoring the Zloty per Kilometre event.

We care about the education of children and young adults by donating to local schools.

We promote healthcare by responding to the needs of local provincial hospital and other healthcare institutions.

We care about the education of children and young adults by donating to local schools.

We promote social initiatives by supporting foundations and associations.

We promote comprehensive development by subsidising museums and promoting culture and sports.