2nd August 2013


The city absorbs you. It seduces you and decides on your daily routine, you attract and inspire the city. You are daring, strong, not fearful of the challenge. Adjust yourself to the city. Find yourself in Kazar new urban style collection inspired by urban fashion. When a day rushes you with its unrestrained pace go for booties with their distinctive, sassy character, stylized punk-grunge buckle boots which will keep pace when comfort has the precedence. You want to feel confident and look hyper trendy, experiment with masculine style. At a meeting with friends, going to the movies, shopping, jodhpur and chelsea boots on low, stable heels inspired by equestrian style so trendy in fall/winter season will make a perfect companion. At work you value professionalism and up-to-date looks. The most fashionable mid-height heels will be your most significant business partner this season. During after-hours the night belongs to you because you know that sensuality and dazzling array are on your side. There is nothing that can give you  more sex appeal and avant-garde glamour than high boots, booties and stilettos tempting with sophisticated design, slender heels and lace-ups. Get inspired by the muted city colours, deep nave-blue, grey, mysterious black and a range of neutral browns. Stand out with a stylish flash of metallic accents. Face up to the challenges of the city and together with Kazar create your hyper trendy urban look. Feel stylish and fashionable in any situation.