Only important goals count. If the aim of this cycling tour is victory over illness then it is worth joining in.

This is the second Zloty per Kilometre event, which we decided to sponsor. The aim of the cycling tour, organised by Martin Szworak as part of the Zloty per kilometre event, is to raise funds to treat and save the lives of sick children and adolescents, especially those who have been left without the hope of help or a chance to fulfil their dreams. In response, the organisers have enlisted the help of sponsors and other well-wishers in this event which converts kilometres cycled into cash for sick children. The route to be traveled is never easy, but every kilometre is a zloty and every zloty contributes towards the life and health of a young person. 


This year, the organisers are preparing their longest route yet: 5 028 km from Przemysl to Tehran, via Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. There is something worth fighting for. We will be pedalling for 22-year-old Patrycja Marach from Przemysl, whose situation is critical and requires immediate surgery. Patrycja suffers from a congenital disease and needs an immediate heart-lung transplant (find out more about Patrycja). The cost of the procedure and aftercare treatment at a clinic in Szczecin amounts to 40,000-60,000 zł. Patrycja’s heart as it stands will only last 16 to 20 months at best.


The co-organiser and guide for the expedition dedicated to Patrycja is this year's high school graduate and Polish road cycling Champion - Grzegorz Szalewicz from Szczecin. The route is tough. Thousands of kilometres to cover by day and night, through desert and mountains and in extreme conditions. The participants have 5 days to make it (this is how long the transit visa through Turkmenistan lasts) through the Kara Kum Desert. Another challenge will be the Elbrus mountain range, climbing in excess of 2 000 m. It is quite a challenge.


This year's campaign is backed by all the major Podkarpackie and national media, among others: TVP, Polish Radio, Radio Eska, the Gazeta Wyborcza. The action is supported by, among others: TVN, interia.pl and Onet.pl. Honorary patronage of the event is assumed by: the president of Przemysl and the Caritas Foundation who have been charged with collecting funds for Patrycja’s operation.


Join our campaign. Hit the road with us and help Patricia break away from her illness. You can help by donating valuable zloties for the kilometres covered by the tour participants. For more details and information on how to transfer your donation, please visit the organiser's webiste.

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