Men's brown boots

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Product details
Colour Brown
Material Leather, Fabric
Lining Textile
Outsole Synthetic
Colour of metals Black
Technology Thinsulate

Men’s brown boots made from high quality grain leather and fabric, inspired by the biker style.

  • The metal studded straps, along with the high lacing and a combination of two different materials, create an extravagant look.
  • Perfect for everyday, casual wear.
  • Fitted with a zip on the inner side of the upper.
  • The thermal inner uses Thinsulate technology featuring multiple air pockets to deliver remarkably effective heat retention.

Care and technology

The unique microfibers of Thinsulate ™ are about 10 times smaller than the fibers of other synthetic insulations which makes them much more efficient in the accumulation of air and thus more effective in keeping the foot warm and comfortable. Owing to a huge amount of  airbags they provide not only the best but also the warmth parameters as well as elasticity, despite the pressures occurring while using. While other materials lose their thermal properties it  is Thinsulate ™which keeps them unchanged during the entire period of use. High breathability of Thinsulate ™ ensures the maintenance of  proper balance of heat regardless of the conditions. The unique weave of fibers also provides high water resistance - less than 1% water absorption in relation to its own weight. Thinsulate ™ is a material that is odorless and hypoallergenic. It has a certified ecological OKOTEX Standard 100. The quality of materials is guaranteed by ISO certificate -9002.


Grain leather is recommended to be cleaned with a damp cloth firmly wrung. Remove dust and stains from the surface with cloth. Apply a small amount of preservative cream or wax on clean and dry surface, preferably the same as top colour. Allow to dry and polish with a shoe brush.

To clean grain leather, we recommend Cleaning Foam. Simply apply a little of the foam on part of the surface and then use this to clean the whole product.

Leather care products recommended for maintenance: Kazar Waterproof Shoe Cream, Kazar Nano Waterproof Spray

Material - remove dust and stains from the surface with damp cloth. Apply a special care product on clean and dry surface and wipe with sponge.

Shoe care products recommended for maintenance:  Kazar Cleaning Foam, Nano Waterproof Spray

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