Men's brown formal shoes

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Product details
Colour Brown
Material Leather
Lining Leather
Outsole Leather
Type Lace-up shoes, Brogues, Oxfords

Men’s brown formal shoes made from high quality grain leather, distinguished by a fashionable design with a precision finish.

  • The deep brown creates a style of timeless elegance.
  • An outstanding feature is the formal cut in a luxurious version with leather embellished with a perforated motif, inspired by brogues.
  • The leather outsole accentuates the exclusive appeal.
  • The leather insole ensures all-day comfort.

Care and technology

Grain leather is recommended to be cleaned with a damp cloth firmly wrung. Remove dust and stains from the surface with cloth. Apply a small amount of preservative cream or wax on clean and dry surface, preferably the same as top colour. Allow to dry and polish with a shoe brush.

To clean grain leather, we recommend Cleaning Foam. Simply apply a little of the foam on part of the surface and then use this to clean the whole product.

Leather care products recommended for maintenance:

Leather sole. To ensure better resistance to abrasion, cracking, leaking and water absorption the shoe sole should be properly treated and impregnated. For the leather soles care, use a special oil designed for sole leather. This can be Kazar Oiled Leather Conditioner.

Before using oil, shoes soles should be thoroughly cleaned with a damp cloth or sponge and a special soap designed for leather products. Avoid soaking soles. After washing, soles should be left to dry and then brushed to remove remaining dirt and dust. Apply a thin layer of shoe oil to the soles of edges, allowing it to be absorbed.

If the leather fully absorbs the applied oil, the process can be repeated. At the end soles need to polished. The shoe oil should not be in contact with the upper part of the shoe, as it may result in staining which is difficult to remove.


Perforated full-grain leather should be cleaned regularly, preferably with a damp cloth to prevent dust and dirt from damaging the leather. Gently moisten a clean cloth or sponge with soapy water, remove excess water and wipe the leather without soaking. We recommend the use of delicate lotions or sprays designed for leather, for example Kazar Care & Shine. Thick creams and waxes may remain between the perforations of the leather, reducing the aesthetics of the product.

Recommended cleaning product:

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