Oiled Leather Conditioner

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Colour Colourless
Capacity 50 ml

Oiled Leather Conditioner - shoe polish for oiled leather (pull up and crazy horse type) as well as oiled nubuck. It impregnates, oils, and softens leather. It improves flexibility and durability. It revives, enlivens and darkens the natural colour of leather disguising any cracks. Keep away from children. The product can also be used for leather sole care.

How to apply: Remove dust and stains from the surface. Apply a thin layer of the oil conditioner on a cotton cloth or soft brush. Spread evenly over the surface of the shoe, allowing absorption of the oil conditioner. Polish.

How to use to care for leather soles: Before using the conditioner, thoroughly clean the sole with a moist cloth or sponge and a soap for leather products. Avoid soaking the sole. After cleaning, leave the sole to dry completely, and then remove the remaining dirt and dust with a brush. Apply a thin layer of conditioner onto so prepared sole and its edges, allowing it to be absorbed. If the leather absorbs the conditioner entirely, repeat the process. Finally, polish the sole. The conditioner should not be in contact with the upper made of leather other than oiled leather (of pull up or crazy horse type) as it may cause stubborn stains.

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