In order to increase the comfort of use of our products, especially in the autumn-winter season, we have introduced to our collection shoe models with Thinsulate™ technology.

Thinsulate™ warming fabric is one of the most effective temperature insulating materials available on the market. Not only does the membrane retain heat better inside the shoe, but thanks to the use of modern microfibres, it is also extremely light and thin, so it provides complete freedom of movement. Thinsulate™ insulation is designed for your comfort and convenience.

Advantages of Thinsulate™ material in our shoes:

  • Thermal balance - "breathing" and micro-filtration. Unique Thinsulate™ microfibre technology ensures that the fabric breathes fully, ensuring that the right heat balance is maintained, even at low temperatures.
  • Durability of warming properties - unique Thinsulate™ microfibres, which are 10 times smaller than conventional fibres of other warming materials, due to the higher number of airbags, provide not only the best warming parameters, but also a constant elasticity despite the pressures occurring during use.
  • Odourless and hypoallergenic - Thinsulate™ insulation is odourless and hypoallergenic (safe for allergy sufferers). It has an ecological certificate Okotex Standard 100, and its quality is guaranteed by the ISO 9002 certificate.

The Thinsulate ™ membrane shoes are equipped with a technologically advanced insole, which additionally insulates the foot and ensures even better maintenance of the optimal temperature while using the shoes and makes the foot stay dry. The individual layers of the insert are responsible for:

  • Protective barrier for heat, so that the cold is reflected towards the ground and the heat upwards towards the foot,
  • Appropriate softness through the use of additional cushioning foam,
  • Insulation of heat, using a high quality flannel.

Our products have been equipped with Thinsulate ™ insulation for your comfort and convenience. Check >>